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Welcome to Yes You Can, Inc! Your support by donating online to help encourage, inspire and educate young people about the dangers of underage drinking, bullying and the importance of have a plan for their futures is deeply appreciated and represents an investment in building up people and restoring and strengthening communities! It's effect will be far reaching and impact generations to come! Thank you for choosing to be a difference maker!

Why Choose Us?


YES YOU CAN, INC is a 501c3 founded by Al Wood, former McDonalds All-American, ACC Tar Heel Standout, US Olympian, NBA and European professional basketball player. The mission of YES YOU CAN, INC. is to encourage and educate middle schoolers about underage drinking, bullying and the importance of having a plan for their future. Al has traveled extensively in his post basketball career to teach, empower, and motivate young people about overcoming the challenges facing their generation and giving them tools and insight on how to develop a plan for their future. Al is passionate about rebuilding and strengthening communities by creating awareness of the dangers involved at an earlier age and reducing not only the underage deaths, but also the negatively related incidents caused by present dangers.  Al is a proven leader who powerfully influences youth to make smarter, more informed choices as a result of the knowledge, wisdom and experience he has.  The times are critical and the need is urgent to reach more of our youth as we see so many downward spirals in effect among our communities now.  Won't you be a positive part of the solution and support this extremely worthy cause TODAY?  YOU CAN help impact a generation by donating online here NOW!

With your support, we can reach, educate, and empower young people to make smarter, more informed decisions that literally save lives and futures.

Be Inspired

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